Transatlantic Rollboard SE30-MIN-F (foldable)


Product description

The Transatlantic Rollboard SE30-MIN-F has a solid inner core with a continuous cover. Suitable for repositioning lying and seated patients when transferring them to various types of bed, table, wheelchair, radiographic tables, examination table, operating table etc.The robust nylon cover ensures highest gliding properties and therfore the most comfortable and hygienic patient transfer of all times.

- max. carrying capacity: 300 KG

- foldable

- Cover: changeable

- Dimensions: 90 x 50 cm

- Radiolucent: no screws, magnetic pieces or plastic parts

- no trailing edges (highest hygienic safety)

- antibacterial coating (of the silver coating)

- can be cleaned with all common disinfectants

- no corners, ridges, gaps or hinges

Additional Product Information

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